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I have prayed, cried…where do I go now!?

20 Sep

I am sick but no one can figure out why…I have no energy, no breath, abdominal pain with nausea, computing and diarrhea, hives all over. All I do is sleep – night and day. I am in chronic pain from my 2007 car accident. No one seems to care how I feel. Doctors scoff that if I get admitted it looks bad for them when nothing can be found; ER doctors refuse outright to treat chronic pain – they are too busy for that. Finally saw a rheumatologist…testing for lupus. No answers yet. Always waiting.

I wish I lived in the time of ancient Egypt. Yes, times were tough as evidenced by the myriad of diseases and injuries on mummies. But there was no secret….you were ill, you had angered someone (a God/dess perhaps), you did your penance, you took the healing potion and if it worked, great! The Gods had looked formidably upon you! If not, you got worse and died.

Is that my fate? Have I not lit enough candles, chanted the correct lines, asked the correct God/dess for their assistance!? I say a prayer to Bast everyday – she is my spiritual mother. I know she hears and she answers.

I know I have done wrong things and have made amends. I am trying homeopathic medication now – nothing else seems to work. Why not? Can’t hurt! I was a good nurse, one of the best around here – nurses still tell me that when they are taking care of me. Nice to hear.

i just want to know what’s wrong with me and get it fixed – is that too much to ask? Lady Bast, take pity on me and show me your mercy. I’d just like to be able to move around my house without getting sick, or go out with friends again without begging off when they get here. Lady Bast, I ask for your favor, as your humble servant. Dua Bast!